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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

sand circles

new future wanderer

splash wave

Splash Wave - Passing Breeze from spiraljettarecordings on Vimeo.


AFTERLIFE- Space Memory from Hooker Vision on Vimeo.


Octa#grape "Saxophones are Golden" from alice cohen on Vimeo.

wizard oz

Wizard Oz - Pull Out Slow (2012) from richie on Vimeo.

to the happy few

TO THE HAPPY FEW - Dissolved from PɨK on Vimeo.

design hangin

DESIGN - HANGIN' teaser from 100% Silk on Vimeo.

a sol mechanic

cupp cave


inner tube

bruce hart



jeff beam

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


fort romeau

FORT ROMEAU - KINGDOMS teaser from 100% Silk on Vimeo.


POLONAISE - TROCADERO teaser from 100% Silk on Vimeo.

free weed



APPALOOSA - Sinister from Mickaël Valli on Vimeo.

phillippe laurent

Philippe Laurent - Distorsion from Colin Crockatt on Vimeo.

Friday, March 9, 2012


RxGibbs - Silver from AdF / Newfoundland Tack on Vimeo.

paco sala


food pyramid


xander harris

Jef Barbara

Out March 5th, 2012

BACK! And with killer updates! L'animaux Tryst!

Hey all!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Been studying for the LSAT and back at school. Anyways, I just received a bangin package from Matt at L'animaux Tryst field recordings. I posted awhile back about Altered Gee, a sleek beat tape that Matt released, but now I have some other nice releases to share.

Up first, Pete Fosco, and his Vacationlanded tape. Great psychedelic ambience here. Check it out.

Next, Brainshadows! Awesome, dark psychedelic folk.

Matt's project, Herbcraft, was also sent my way. Great psychedelic jams out now on Hello Sunshine. Great stuff, here, Matt.

I also really like Cursillistas, another great and haunty folk release.

And finally, probably the coolest packaging I've seen in awhile, is Tempera. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any recordings online. But head over to their myspace to get a feel for this awesome experimental group.

For those who missed the Altered Gee post.

Look for more updates this weekend, and be sure to give us a like on Facebook if you have the chance!